Forum Title: RedGuard For Crack Suppression?
Is my skepticism about RedGard as a real crack suppression membrane just superstition on my part? Did a tiny kitchen the other day that had a tiny spider crack in it and I used RedGard just because it was convenient. I wonder if I wasted my time and money, but I can't stand the idea of traversing a crack without doing something. Just wondering what others think. I know what the side of the bucket says. Whatsay you?
Category: Tile Post By: VICKI CRAIG (Oxnard, CA), 02/01/2019

Did you determine the root of the crack? Was it in-plane, or did the crack break level? A small crackle in a cement subfloor may not be too much to worry about. You were right to utilize some sort of cleavage membrane. I don't know if RedGuard was the best choice, but it's something. You could have taken it a step further and installed Ditra over the RedGuard and then tile over that. But kudos to you for taking action. Others would have possibly overlooked, just tiled right over and call it a day.

- RHONDA GILBERT (Oakland, CA), 04/28/2019

I've only used RedGuard a few times but I do have faith in a liquid membranes ability to provide crack suppression IF they are applied to the appropriate thickness. They're very stretchy so I think(and testing shows) that they would allow the tile layer enough float to handle moderate cracking. I've used Hydroban and the fabric a number of times for that purpose. It helps me sleep at night.

- CASSANDRA SWANSON (Oshkosh, WI), 04/11/2019

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