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What is your guys' preferred method for layout in a crooked room? I'm going to be laying some 12 by 12 tiles and all the walls are off. I wrote down the dimensions but they wore off in my pocket haha... but I think this is what they were Left wall 92 Right wall 89 Far wall 117 near wall 111 Something like that anyways. Do you guys just use a square from the center of the door way and use that as your base line to calculate off of, or is there a better way to do it mathematically?ir I would prefer to put a big cross in the center of the room(line from middle of left and right wall and another line from middle of near and far wall) and do a stair type pattern from there, but I'm not sure how you would do that if the room is crooked.
Category: Tile Post By: TAMMY WOOD (Rio Rancho, NM), 03/08/2019

I would run it in a brick pattern with it orientated so the running bond is across whatever is your primary sight line. I would make it so the primary entrance has between 6-9 at the doorway. (layout goes off this wall.) This would be the most aesthetically pleasing layout and with the running bond you can hide a much of the out of square.

- Patrick J. Mosner (Rapid City, SD), 05/24/2019

I lay out straightedges along walls to see where they go out of whack. You can't just put a tape measure in one inch spot and measure off wall. You have to see the jog in and out, sometimes balance the bow in the wall. You can't measure off one wall then measure off perpendicular wall and be square. The PLS-90 laser square is exceptional in this instance, you don't strike any lines, you just measure to the laser lines and you can adjust/tweek the line for the best average/least out of square possible. Recently we worked on an old house going 50 ft down hall. Rooms were way out of wack-1-3/4 in 10 ft. I had no exterior walls to use as an absolute, the long hall took priority over everything else, and I tweaked that laser line for over 1/2 hour. The wood was 6 wide, travertine into the kitchen was accounted for in the width as well. Cabinets, doorways, transitions to other floors are areas to check size of cuts.

- NICHOLAS COOPER (McAllen, TX), 04/11/2019

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