Forum Title: Does Anyone Make Any Real Money On Tile Showers?
Are tile showers stupid competitive in your area? Most all the guys who do tile showers in my area are either subs for a flooring retailer or work directly for a flooring retailer as installers. (But they are all 1099's even if they are employees) On the labor end all the quotes I come across seem way low to me. I can only conclude that the money must be in selling the tile products and supplies. I'm not a distributor and am wondering if its even worth messing with tile showers anymore. I don't care to compete on the labor end being that my overhead is higher as a full service remodeler and I'm more ambitious in what I want to make money-wise. I know I'm at a disadvantage being that I'm not a flooring retailer/distributor with buying power. So I pretty much know I'm going to get beat on materials as well as labor if I have to compete on price point. Obviously I can sell myself from other aspects and I still do land a few showers, but it is a small percentage and I waste a lot of time looking at them and estimating. I'm wondering if its worth it. Just wanted to start a discussion and see if anyone had any thoughts experience on the subject...
Category: Tile Post By: ISAAC SIMON (Sandy, UT), 02/27/2019

I absolutely think it's worth doing I wish that's all I did was showers Most installations that I've seen from guys like that are super basic. Nothing above and beyond I think once you establish a good portfolio of showers, it helps sell them I've never worried about competition like that.....probably because I am the one looking at the job and doing the work Most people prefer that scenario and will pay a bit more for it

- BETTY K (Boston, MA), 05/12/2019

I just took a bath on the shower I did. Customer supplied all the tile. It took forever, the plumber ruined the floor twice, and the customer took a shower prior to me grouting. He didn't realize grout was needed. He felt the tile though and they were hard......idiots. It took me 3 weeks and I still need to go back 1 time.

- JIMMIE BALL (Great Falls, MT), 04/18/2019

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